What was the reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami, the famous Instagram face?

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What was the reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami, the famous Instagram face?

The arrest of Milad Hatami is one of the news that has received a lot of attention these days, especially on the social network Instagram. So there have been a lot of rumors and rumors about it, so what are the real currents of this arrest? Therefore, we have carefully and thoroughly reviewed all the details, and in this article we intend to fully explain it to you dear ones.

Join us in this article to be fully informed of the details of this news and the margins and rumors of Milad Hatami. We also fully explain the reason for the arrest, the sentence issued and other important cases. The answers to all the questions you have about this issue are available in this article.

 The story of Milad Hatami's arrest

Milad Hatami's biography

Before dealing with the story of Milad Hatami's arrest, it is not bad to have more information about this person; Therefore, in this section, we have first provided explanations about the biography of Milad Hatami for you dear ones. Milad Hatami is in fact one of the most famous faces on Instagram, who has also achieved fame and, of course, very high incomes. He was born in the sixties in Tehran. Many know her as Mr. Coach.

The clips of her posted on her Instagram page, in which she exercised with various girls, claiming that she was able to shape their bodies, are very popular with Instagram users. He was placed and caused his followers to increase day by day. In this way, he was able to earn a good income and emigrate to Turkey. Later, he tried to publish strange videos that had more of a fan aspect; Add more to your audience as well as your income.

News of Milad Hatami's arrest

As we have said, the arrest of Milad Hatami in Turkey was one of the news that received a lot of attention. Because he has a very large audience, and thanks to the same audience and fans of this news on Instagram, he attracted the attention of many people. Some people say that the main reason for managing sites is the condition of Nabdi, and some believe that he was arrested because of clips and vulgar content on his Instagram page. Follow along to find out the root cause of the arrest.

Milad Hatami's Forecasting and Betting Site

Jabal-e-Bat and Wolf-Beth's two-site forecasting and betting sites are two of the main sites launched and managed by Milad Hatami. These two betting sites are due to the services and facilities that are offered in it; It has attracted a lot of attention from users. And it is one of the most popular and popular betting sites in Iran. Therefore, he has been able to earn a lot of money through Indo Site.

Be sure to take serious action to experience betting and download the Wolf Bet application, because it is one of the most professional sites active in this field. You are facing.

 The reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami

As we have said, some believe that the main reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami is the same betting sites. However, according to our investigations, this is not a crime in Turkey, and since he has been arrested by the Turkish police, this does not seem to be the main reason.

vulgar content on Instagram; The reason for Milad Hatami's arrest

Another reason that seems to be more logical and correct is Milad Hatami's Instagram content. In fact, many users have recently reported his page because of his sexy and contentless clips, as well as the live shows he puts on. He is believed to have been arrested for the same reasons. But if Milad Hatami's arrest warrant is returned to Iran and the case is being heard in Iranian courts; The situation may become a little difficult for him and heavy fines may be imposed on him.

Milad Hatami's arrest video

Milad Hatami's arrest clip was one of the things that caused a lot of fringe. Because the video was published on his own page, and the content was that he was riding in a police car and a handgun, saying that "the Iranian government has done what he wants and is arresting me," some say. This is a construction clip; Well, that's not unlikely. But some other fans of Milad Hatami claim that this video is true.

Finally, we would like to say that we will provide you with any new news and information that we have about the arrest of Milad Hatami and to make sure that it is true in this article. So follow us for more information.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Users

  1. Will Milad Hatami be deported to Iran after his arrest?

    No. According to the published news, he is going through the court proceedings in Turkey.

  2. The reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami is the betting sites?

    No. Contrary to many people's beliefs, the reason for his arrest was not the management of the betting sites.

  3. After the arrest of Milad Hatami, his betting sites are still available?

    Yes. You can still make predictions and bets on Milad Hatami's betting sites.

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What was the reason for the arrest of Milad Hatami, the famous Instagram face?

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