Download the top 10 Persian rap songs Remix 2021 with a direct link

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Download the top 10 Persian rap songs Remix 2021 with a direct link

In this article, we will review the top 10 Persian rap songs. Persian rap has always witnessed an evolutionary course during the last 3 decades and has gone through a turbulent period, so that today we can see that new generations of rap music can easily and carelessly promote and publish their art. This music, which has faced lack of kindness, lack of support and financial support since its arrival in Iran, has become the face and symbol of Iranian underground music in the world, and despite the lack of facilities for these artists, has seen the release of music in the last two decades. We have been unique in the history of this field.

These days, when this music has seen more support, thanks to the expansion of cyberspace and the provision of a platform to show off with less budget, it has become a playlist of many art lovers And over the last 2 decades the number of popular rap songs has increased more and more. The popularity and popularity of many of these songs are close to each other and the competition in this style of music is very intense. Stay tuned for the rest of this fascinating article.

 Introducing the Top 10 Persian Rap Songs

Introducing the Top 10 Persian Rap Songs

In this section, we will review some of the best known songs in Persian rap. As you know, there is a tough competition between first generation rappers and second generation rappers, and most of these fans are fans, so it is difficult to get a fair list. However, during this article, we have tried to take a look at the songs about which there is more consensus. Dear fans, to access the Instagram of the top 10 singers of Persian rap, you can do a Google search.

Our song is a handful of soldiers from no one

is one of the most historic songs in rap, as well as popular works by Nobody, our song is a handful of soldiers. Released in the mid-1980s, the song simply gained a lot of popularity and is constantly growing in popularity. In this song, the cooperation of some of Soroush Lashgari's closest supporters in that period can be seen, such as Reza Pishroo and..

Nobody's Bazm Kalan

One of the works that was popular with the public in the eighties and invited fans of other genres to rap, was Bazm Kalan Hichkas, composed in collaboration with Reza Pishroo. The music video of this song, like its song, became very controversial and popular. This song, which is made in the style of Gang Rap, has a comedic and fan nature, and is very attractive thanks to its music video, which is directed as a puppet show.

What can I say about Jasmine

Can Jasmine be left out of the list of the most popular rappers and songs left by first generation rappers? Yas is one of the best critical and social rappers in the history of Persian rap. Most of his works have a social nature and among all the poems written by this rapper, the pains of people born in the sixties and seventies have been written. One of the most beautiful and historic songs of this talented rapper is the song "What can I say" which was released in 2011. This work was considered as one of the few critical works in those years.

Short summer song from Zedbazi

There are many popular songs from Zedbazi group and due to its extensive activity in the last 2 decades, it has been selected as the best Their melody is difficult. However, one of the most popular songs in this section is a short summer song critique by rap fans, which is rich and perfect in terms of lyrics, music and melody arrangement.

Password song from Pishro

is one of the active The most rappers of the last 2 decades have been Reza Pishro. He has experienced many fringes in his personal and artistic life and is one of the most famous rappers known. Many of the leading songs have been released and the most popular of these songs are in line with other popular rappers. One of the most popular and well-known works of this Iranian artist and rapper, as well as the top 10 Persian rap songs, is the word "password", which is now increasing in the number of his fans.

The song "Radpa Hossein"

is one of Famous and well-known songs in Persian rap style are the footprints of Hossein. This song, which has perfect and professional lyrics and music, was released in collaboration with Sadegh in 2011.

Our song with Hamim by Bahram

is one of the rappers who has had many breaks in his career due to life problems. Bahram's experience is and this made his name less heard among the first generation rappers. However, during his career, many hit songs were composed, and our song "Hamim Ba Hamim", which was in the form of a fit with Reza Pishro, is one of his best.

"Death" song by Sorena

This fascinating and exceptional song that Published in 2015 by Sorena, it has tried to somehow evoke the atmosphere of death for the audience. This music has unique atmosphere that for a short time engages the audience's mind with the concept of death and the content of this song.

Heavy song by Sadegh and Hossein

During the history of Persian rap, most of the most famous songs are Fit 2 or more rappers made. One of these wonderful works is the heavy song, which was the second collaboration between Hossein and Sadegh in his artistic identity. The atmosphere of this song, like other works of Hossein, is sad and deals with the problems of the youth and the common social injuries. This song is also one of the most popular Persian rap.

Brain song from Qaf

Qaf is one of the rappers who has recorded many well-known songs in his artistic identity. One of the best works of this rapper, which is considered as one of the strongest protest contents in the history of Persian rap, is the song "Brain", which he released in 2011, which is one of the top 10 Persian rap songs.

10 Have they also sold the best Persian rap songs?

Persian rap music in Iran has experienced a very difficult period. From the crimes and social prohibitions that many of Iran's first rappers noticed, to other margins that we saw during the evolution of this music. This music has experienced its strongest recorded works underground and the lack of financial support has been the heartache of many activists in this field. Iranian rap and other underground music did not receive financial feedback from any of the artists until the mid-1990s, and these artists could indirectly generate some income from their fame. Some rappers, such as Pishro, Ali Shams, and…, after receiving fame, received a fee for accepting a fit with novice rappers, and some even established studios because of their fame, and the only good thing about this is that novice rappers are looking for a name.

The album covers of the top 10 Persian rap songs

are now one of the sources of income for many music artists, including rap, designing and presenting the covers of their albums. Are usually published as a package or with a personal signature. Among the best-selling covers are the covers of Nobody, Tataloo, Pishro, Hossein, Behzad Lito, Sogand, Yas, Mehrab, Erfan and Bahram, which have had a wide presence in this field.

 Singer of the top 10 rap songs Who were the Persian?

Who were the singers of the top 10 Persian rap songs?

As mentioned above, most of the famous Persian rap songs are attributed to the first and second generation rappers. Among the singers who have released the most popular songs and have sung the top 10 Persian rap songs, we can mention Pishro, Behzad Lito, Yas, Nobody, Erfan, Qaf, Armin Zarei, Tataloo, Hossein and Sadegh.

Download the top 10 Persian rap songs

Persian rap also faced major problems with the release of its music until the nineties. Many music activists in the period limited their activities due to crimes and trials that were arranged to broadcast their content on satellite networks, and even their biographies and discographies were limited to a few. Virtual magazines and fan rap blogs became Persian. Now, after a period of activity in this field, novice artists are easily supported and introduced by publisher sites as well as content production media. Among the media to download the top 10 Persian rap songs remix is ​​the site of Young Radio, which has extensive activity in this field. In addition to Young Radio, some other sites now broadcast Persian rap music and provide news related to this field to the fans of this music.

Download the top 10 happy Persian rap songs

Many sub-disciplines are now used professionally in rap music and have their own fans. Those fans who are more beat and rhythmic music or fan rap music, will surely remember the songs that we have listed below, which include songs such as, Nobody's Big Song, a popular rap song called Khiz , Amir Khalut song called Jani, Reza Pishroo song called Haft, Hamid Sefat song called Ajab Shahr song, Pink Cigar song from Zedbazi, Boo Sardeh song from Tik Tak, Yeh Masht Sarbaz song from Nobody, Why Badi song from Zed The game as well as the song I Continue is by Yas. All these songs and the top 10 Persian rap songs are available in cyberspace.

 Top 10 Persian rap songs of Yas

Top 10 Persian rap songs of Yas

Many memorable songs of Yas in the artistic identity card He is available and all of them require a separate article. However, regarding the popularity of his songs and the top 10 Persian rap songs of Yas, including I continue, custom, dumb, barcode, shout, soldier of the homeland, I fight, everything will be fine, originality and consensus for me There is a lot among his critics and fans.

Download Top 10 Tataloo Persian Rap Songs

Tataloo, along with the many margins he has left in the field of art, has always shown his talent in rap and R & B music. Proven. Among his most popular songs, we can mention the guest song, Bego Ki, Whenever You Were, Prishb, Be Manam, I Want, I Wonder, Ridicule, Reincarnation, and Ki, who thought of the song. It is worth mentioning that he is the owner of the official site and you, dear fans, can refer to his site to access the top 10 Persian rap songs of Tataloo.

 Download the top 10 sad Persian rap songs

Download the top 10 Persian rap songs Sad

During the Iranian style activity in rap, its saddest works have always been related to social themes that convey a bitter mood to the audience due to the events of the last 2 decades in Iran. In addition to social songs, some rappers are also engaged in the style of Dis Love, and due to the nature of this style, it offers sad songs to the audience. Among the saddest popular rap songs are songs such as, "Touch" by Bahram, "Here Iran" by Bahram, "Repression" by Yas, "Death" by Sorena, "Sangin" by Sadegh, "After me Sorena", a good day comes from no one He mentioned happiness from Hussein, Adamak from Sadegh and his motherland from Fadaei. Dear fans, to access this list and other sad Persian rap songs, as well as download the top 10 Persian rap songs without fish, you can search in cyberspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The saddest Persian rap songs To which style is it dedicated?

    The sub-branch of Dis Love is one of the rap styles that offers especially sad songs.

  2. What is the best song of Yas?

    It is Yas, which has many fans.

  3. Which song is the best song of Bahram?

    The song "Here in Iran" is one of the most popular and strongest songs of Bahram

  4. The song "A Good Day Comes From Nobody" is one of the most social and at the same time motivational works of no one.

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Download the top 10 Persian rap songs Remix 2021 with a direct link

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