Pouyan Mokhtari arrested by Interpol in Spain

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Pouyan Mokhtari arrested by Interpol in Spain

The news of the arrest of Pouyan Mokhtari is something we hear a lot on social media these days, especially on Instagram. This news has received so much attention that we decided to do it accurately and correctly, because so far there have been many rumors about it by different people.

Armin Rad's news was first published in cyberspace, so we couldn't give a definite opinion about its accuracy. But later, Amin Fardin and Sasha Sobhani also confirmed the authenticity of the news and said in interviews that Sasha Sobhani had been arrested. Follow us in the rest of this article to learn more about the details and margins of this news.

 The story of Pouyan Mokhtari's arrest

Pouyan Mokhtari's full biography

So here's a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used.

Sasha Sobhani is known by many as a singer of Lor language, because she became famous as a singer at first and her happy and beautiful songs became very popular. Also, the invention of a new style by him, which is a combination of pop and rap, caused a lot of work and his master to be welcomed and noticed. He later immigrated to Turkey and pursued a career as a beauty manager. There, too, he began a close relationship with Neely Afshar, and after a while, they officially announced their relationship on their page. For more information, you can visit Pouyan Mokhtari's Instagram.

Is setting up a betting site the reason for Pouyan Mokhtari's arrest?

In fact, this person, together with his wife Nili Afshar, has been establishing and managing a betting and betting site called Peaches for a while, and they are always in charge of advertising and attracting the audience for this site.

But according to our research, setting up a betting site in the country where Pouyan Mokhtari was arrested is not a crime. It is therefore clear that this cannot be the right reason for the arrest. Follow us in the rest of this article to find out why this person was really arrested in this way!

What was the crime of arresting Pouyan Mokhtari in Spain?

If not, then why was Pouyan Mokhtari arrested by the Polish Senter Bridge in Spain? According to our research and findings, the main crime of this person is money laundering! Yes, you should know that Pouyan Mokhtari has laundered more than 19 billion! It is said that with the revelation of this crime and his arrest, the big and small crimes of this person will also be revealed, and we do not have accurate, correct and reliable information about their details.

 Arrest of Pouran Mokhtari in Spain

However, one of the rumors about the arrest of Pouyan Mokhtari was raised by Sasha Sobhani. He stated that the main reason for Pouyan's arrest was having an Iranian passport. But this can be easily ruled out. Because what is clear is that his crime is much bigger than these words, and this can be seen by looking at Nili Afshar's page and the stories and posts he posts. Because his reaction to this shows that the problem is big.

What will be the arrest warrant for Pouyan Mokhtari?

Since the official details of this person have not been provided by the Interpol police yet, it is not possible to comment on his sentence. Did. Because he is currently going through the general process and court hearings and defending himself. But what can be very worrying about the arrest of Pouyan Mokhtari is that he will be deported to Iran and that his sentence will be issued in Iran in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic.

What is clear is that setting up and managing forecasting and betting sites is one of the biggest crimes and carries heavy penalties. Therefore, it is possible that a very worrying fate awaits Pouyan Mokhtari.

Pouyan Mokhtari's arrest clip

Many people and audiences are looking for Pouyan Mokhtari's arrest film, and we have to say that no film has been released by any source so far. But by following us, you can be informed of any news and details that are available on this topic. Because our team is constantly providing you with new information as soon as possible.

 Pouyan Mokhtari's arrest clip

Answering common questions

  1. Will the betting site continue with the arrest of Pouyan Mokhtari?

    Yes, if you are a user of this site, we must say that this activity The betting site is managed by Pouyan Mokhtari's wife, Nili Afshar, and you can still continue to predict and bet on it.

  2. Is it possible to arrest Nili Afshar?

    We do not have accurate information about this issue and we do not know to what extent this couple has cooperated in some cases.

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Pouyan Mokhtari arrested by Interpol in Spain

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